BloggerA topic has been discussed recently by a bunch of A-list bloggers that crops up from time to time as apparently these A-list bloggers are a bit obsessed by it.  The conversation deals with whether bloggers are journalists and how bloggers should act if so.  I know this is a bit off-topic for jkOnTheRun but it keeps coming up and I want to share my thoughts on it.  Now I know that these A-list bloggers will not even see this as they only read each other but here goes anyway.  First of all I understand why these bloggers are concerned about it as there comes a certain level of responsibility when a blogger gets outspoken enough to get a big audience.  With a public forum comes a level of awareness with what the blogger says that means the blogger should act with an appropriate deportment whether he/she likes it or…

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Hunger Games: A Film Review

Since January, there was never a week that I haven’t heard about the epic Hunger Games or  the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence from everybody’s mouth. Almost everday, the trailer of the movie adaptation was being played over and over again in the office by some of my co-staff who happen to be die-hard fans of the novel.


Since Hunger Games became the bomb in the city, I started seeing high school students in the university reading the book or hearing some random people  talk about the awesome plot of Suzzane Collin’s novel. My Facebook newsfeed was also filled with Hunger Games news,  trailers (again), and some fan-made videos about it. Someone even painted a mural about  it in the campus’ premise, with a flaming golden bird and a May-the-odds-be-ever-in-your-favor tagline. All those crazes made me curious and made me wanna watch the film too. So I told a friend to watch it when it hits the cinema.

(By the way, I read the book until page 8 only until I remembered my friend telling me that I’d appreciate the film more if I haven’t read the book yet, so I gave up.)

We entered the cinema with high expectations, and were quite surprised to see a lot of audience inside. We struggled to find seats amidst the darkness, so we went to the farthest seats in order not to disturb the others. The film was already in the Reaping part when we got in, and we had no choice. After watching the film, here are some of the things that I noticed:


There was no question about the skills of the actors and actresses. They were simply brilliant – and perfect. Jennifer Lawrence projected a simple aura of the main character, Katniss, who fits very well to her looks. I love her husky voice, though, especially the part when she shouted “I volunteer! I volunteer as Tribute!”

The touching part of the movie was when Rue was accidentally killed by another Tribute who supposedly wanted to kill Katniss. It was heart-breaking. The part when Katniss showed a “salute” (the Hunger Games style) to the camera after she put flowers on Rue’s corpse gave me goosebumps. I don’t know why.

The other actors were excellent. Of course, how could I forgot the super dazzling makeup of Effie Trinket (I don’t know her real name), the ever bossy and Miss Proper Etiquette in the film who wore different colored wigs and makeups. She nailed the character, like seriously.

Peeta was brilliant too, although it was my first time to see him on screen. That Rue kid, who also starred in Columbiana, was also good, although she doesn’t have much lines in the film. Her eyes could express so much.


Some people say that the cinematography was stunning, but based on my honest observations, it was kind of dizzy.

There was a lot of shaky cameras in the beginning and some parts of the film. Those I think weren’t very effective. I think it was an impractical choice because, well, where the hell was that camera supposed to be shooting from? Nowhere in the dome was anyone running around with a camcorder – nor did anyone have a camera mounted to their head. All the cameras were in the trees, etc. Unless there was a windstorm or earthquake, there should have been no shaky camera, only zoom. My friends who watched with me noticed it, too, and were bothered much with it.

Some scenes focused on unimportant elements, I believe.


Talking about stories of survival, the plot of the Hunger Games was awesome. It talked about survival in a different yet interesting angle . Suzzane Collins weaved the story well, and I bet she’s already prepared to be the next J.K Rowling in this generation.

However, I was expecting of a more action-packed and bloody fighting scenes when the Games began. But the movie lacked some punch with it. I mean, it was a story of survival, right? So why didn’t they give much attention to the fighting scenes? It could give more thrill to the movie, though. The pacing of the action part was very fast too, and left with me with a bit disappointing feeling.

The amazing scene to me was during the grand entrance of the Tributes in the Capitol, where Katniss and Peeta wore elegant fitting costumes with some blazing fire (sounds redundant) at their back.  Epic entrance was epic. They were totally hot.


All in all, the movie was fine. I guess some reactions of people were just exagerrated (perhaps because they were die-hard fans and biased), but I think it was fine. I’m still going to read the book in the future so I could judge it well. But still, even without reading the book, the movie was lacking and offered a small helium balloon after it had promised a blimp.

Some Late Post-Exam Tales

Over. Yes, not only are the exams over, but also this school year – this effing school year. I say that because the school year did not turn out well for me. Pressure. Stress. Deadlines. Quizzes. Assignments. Projects. Name it. I know those were all part of college and I don’t even have the right to complain, but sheer luck just did not come to me.

Why? Alright. I’ll be straight to the point. I was not able to balance my academics and extra-curricular much, or perhaps I was just meant to be doomed because I did some crazy stuffs. I studied well in the first part of the semester, but in the later part, I transformed into a complete moron. Sorry. I started missing my classes and followed other ‘pawala’ students, and so came my awful grades which I know will be shitty in my transcript records in the future. No, I’m not failing my subjects. I’m just not satisfied with the grades I got.

I have even forgotten what it was like to be a normal student. I became busy with my extra-curricular, with my conversations with my friends, and with partying at different bars even during exam days. I know you might be shocked with the last one, but I did not regret what I did. Because I’m telling you, those experiences were more, more fun than being inside a classroom. I get to let loose of myself, be happy, and just forget all my worries in the world. I can also become so light when I’m drunk that I can just say everything without boundaries. Furthermore, I can discover new and amazing things from my friends’ ideas (TS staffs, Dreamscape Productions, Ranger Media, etc. ) and learn lessons about life that I usually can’t learn inside the classroom. Those things mean freedom. Those things mean life.

But enough with the drama. You might be thinking of puking after reading the previous lines so I’ll just narrate some of the things that happened to me after my exams.

Grace’s Post-Birthday Celebration

First, I went to Palmas del Mar Resort  with the Tolentine Star staff despite the hard rain to attend a post-birthday celebration of Grace, the number one Adele and Miriam Defensor fan in the office. The journey to the resort was very exciting. The hard rain competed with the loud noises that we produced when we were in the jeepney on the way to Palmas. And because the jeep can’t get inside the subdivision where the resort is located, some of the staffs had no choice but to run as fast they could to arrive at the place. The experience, as they shared, was great and fun, and it brings back their childhood memories. Too bad I wasn’t able to run with them because I stayed at the guardhouse and waited for Chrystelle to convince the guard to let the jeepney in at the subdivision so we could avoid the rain. However, only three of us (me, Chrystelle, and Arvin) were left because again, some of them went on first.

When we arrived, we were all soaking wet. We then proceeded to Room 4 where the receptionist headed us. When we were going to the place, the food in the cottage near the room was very tempting. The lechong baboy and all the food on the table made my stomach jump, jump with desire. Those food were just saviors for me. The hunger was piercing me us much.

Then, Grace introduced us to her cool high school friends and we eventually clicked after a few jokes and some bonding moments in the pool. The games were fun though. The first game was to sing the Banana-Potato song of the minions by pair (I was paired with Joel). We memorized all the hypnotic lyrics first, and went to the final round: the contest proper. That sounded serious, but we sang it jokingly with some awful choreography. But it was okay, we ranked third. 😀

The second game was played by the others who did not join the first game. The mechanics was to get the “coin candy” on a plate full of dough without using the hands. The funny part was when Jessan dropped the entire plate and the dough on the floor when he attempted to grab the first coin, but he still continued on getting it. He still won, though.

The third game was an eat-as-fast-as-you-can contest. We were divided into three groups, composed of five eaters (I prefer to call us eaters rather than members). Each eater was to select one pouch out of five and eat whatever is inside that pouch. And so I got “polvoron,” ten of them, more or less, and filled it in my entire mouth as fast as I can. However, our group was deemed second.

The rest of the night was spent on drinking (I drank Emperador Light the first time and Tanduay), spin-the-bottle, and telling horror stories. I sang “Man in the Mirror” because of some dare, but enjoyed the event much. Grace’s high school friends were very fun to be with, too.

The next morning the gang was still discontented of the night swimming the last night so they went on to the bigger and deeper pool. I just came last because I made a draft first of my Photojournalism project-slash-exam in the room. Still, the fun was exceptional. 🙂 We went home tired, but the experience was awesome. All thanks to Grace. 🙂

Doomed: an Awful Tale of a College Student and his Statistics Subject

I admit it: I’m mathematically dumb.

Numbers are just one of the entries in my personal hate-list, second of course to Frogs, those slimy amphibians who know nothing but scare me with their seemingly rough skin and horrible face. But let’s go back to numbers. I hate numbers, not because they do not cover much significance in my future job, but because they make me want to scream, shout and yell after every headache that they give me. Numbers suck. They also make me want to curse the early people who discovered them, or so I think.

No offense to those people who consider numbers as part of their lives. Lucky them, they are endowed with “The Gift”. I was’t just lucky to have that, so I say: I’m doomed. I took a Mass Communication course so I can escape the stress that numbers entail, but they keep on haunting me. Yeah, haunting. They totally scare me, like those frogs I mentioned a while ago. Now, I’m scared of my future, my grades, my academic status. Whatever you call it.

The midterm and final terms were horrible. I started missing my class because of several reasons: 

1. I woke up late. 

2. I was too lazy to attend the class because all the numbers will just fade in my memory, anyway.

3. I just hate solving math problems.

4. I was busy with my other stuffs (articles to write, edit, rewrite, revise, write again, Facebook, 9gag, blog, etc)

5. I have learned to accept that I was doomed. So I thought, what’s the point of attending my class anyway if the lessons will just vanish in my mind later on?

Now that the exams are on (this time comprehensive, meaning all lessons from prelim to finals will be covered), nightmare has dawned on me. What in the world am I gonna do? I have no idea of my lessons. I missed several quizzes. I have not passed some assignments. I have not copied my teacher’s writings on the blackboard. All I have with me are problems and examples – which I’ve been struggling to cope up with for the last few days.

I’m just glad I’m not alone. Some of my classmates are also dying from our Statistics, because like me, they were always absent, and if they were present, they still were mentally absent. So I guess that’s a relief. 

Anyway, this blog is a product of my procrastination while trying to get all those problems and solutions inside my nutshell. Bad, bad Nicole. Okay, I’ll stop here and try to participate in the group study later on. Best of luck to us and to our exams tomorrow. I’m still not confident with my learnings, but I’ll try my best to pass it and obtain a grade enough for me to maintain my academic scholarship. 

Smile. 🙂



Snotting black

I was eating a PB&J out of tinfoil during class and thinking about blogging, as I often do. I had recently read a friend’s blog that he just started a few months ago and doesn’t update very often. Its future doesn’t look good—a few more months it will likely become another blog corpse silently occupying net space.  As I read his first tentative posts, I was reminded of my own blogging beginnings that stretch back to my senior year of high school.

It was a secret blog, called The Drevet (now deleted), and I posted a mere two times. The first one was the obligatory and awkward, “Hello world,” in which it seemed I was preparing to face all of humanity and be utterly rejected. It was the kind of introduction that set the bar so low even I couldn’t reach it. After only two months I stopped thinking about…

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